Fighting Games

Fighting games are one of the earliest forms of video gaming, going back to 1976 with Heavyweight Champ. The fighting games genre starts 2 combatants vs each other in a standardly modest battling location, with each contestant possessing a “life bar” to stand for their endurance. Each battler can select a “character” which have their own unique personality, design, and moves with which to take the other opponents stamina down. The genre also usually includes “special moves”, which originated as secret commands in 1987’s Street Fighter. The battler of the fighting games could make use of hidden commands, such as pushing “down, back, punch” in a rhythmic routine to execute a unique move like a uppercut, or blasting a fireball. Street Fighter II in 1991 standardized all these things, and refined them to the point of it still currently being a played competitive fighting games today.

Today fighting games, especially 2-D versions(which are enjoyed the most, competitively), have taken on a new life. Persons participate in fighting games in events all over the world, adding this sort of skills as blocking, counter attacking, mindgames, and putting together strings of attacks known as “combos”, in most cases in a distinct rhythmic way. These types of fighting games are competed for popularity, hobby, funds, amongst additional things.

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